Forging the Future

Midland, USA

Battery Systems

Shunde, China

Filtration Technologies

Munich, Germany

Fuel Cell Systems

The company’s pilot production facility is an important milestone on the road to the industrialization of fuel cell technology. The work involves testing numerous key aspects, such as series-production automation and implementing process innovation.

Lerma, Mexico

Air Springs

Wolfratshausen, Germany

Digital Lab

175 years of Freudenberg

On the Trail of the Founder

His name, Carl Johann Freudenberg, is pivotal to today's technology company's success. Founded in Weinheim 175 years ago on February 9, 1849, by him and a partner, it swiftly rose to global prominence. The story of this enterprise is well-documented in modern archives. Yet, what does this record reveal about Carl Johann's personality and influence on Freudenberg's corporate values?

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Family Ties

Freudenberg has been in family ownership for seven generations. And there are entire dynasties of employees, who have worked for the technology company for decades. The following examples illustrate employees’ strong sense of attachment to Freudenberg.

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Discover the world of Freudenberg

We are as diverse as our people, products and applications. Explore the captivating world of Freudenberg through compelling stories, insightful reports, and exclusive interviews.

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